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Houston is an exciting city with its shimmering skyscrapers, its rustic greenery, equestrian centers, and as a home base for NASA’s space exploration. With all these attributes, a robust economy, and a diverse population, it’s no wonder that it earned its title as The City With No Limits. It just so happens that it’s also the city with no zoning laws meaning that pre-development land services in Houston are unlike any of the other large cities in America.

With this unique characteristic, land services in Houston require a special touch with a level of finesse for everything from building a home on your land to commercial development and any other type of Houston land property development. This enchanting Lone Star city captivated New Era’s founders over 30 years ago and we continue to loyally serve the local community, also supporting global companies to expand their roots in the 4th largest city in America, offering diamond tier land pre-development land services in Houston.

Land Development Solutions in Houston

Home to the most talented and experienced land developers and land Professionals in Houston, we take our clients through the pre-development process seamlessly and also extend our services into the areas of development strategy and strategic land investments. We deliver diamond tier, world class results while staying true to our core values of honesty, integrity and transparency and we look out for all our clients regardless of the size of the project, helping the whole city rise together, enhancing market values throughout the community.

What is Houston Land Development like with New Era?

Pre-development land services in Houston are quite the puzzle for outsiders because of the lack of zoning laws but our expert team of land developers and lawyers help you successfully navigate through the maze to help get your project to the finish line. In the absence of zoning laws we help bring all the pieces of that mysterious puzzle together to help you see the picture clearly: from understanding Houston land use laws, to performing surveys, feasibility studies and more, we got you! At New Era land services in Houston, we have the best land professionals in Houston to help you cut through the confusion quickly, efficiently and with desirable results. Our team not only helps to understand Houston land development codes and building codes.

We take a hands on approach and provide all the resources you need to successfully complete land surveys, feasibility studies, platting and provide access to other needed services and processes, pinpointing you towards the correct forms every step of the way. After obtaining and accurately completing the required Houston land legal documents we stay by your side for any support you may need along the way such as replatting a property, conceptual land design and drafting other legal land documents. Acting as an industry-leader as commercial property advisor in Houston, New Era keeps an eye out for you and your business even after platting, carefully analyzing all legal land documents to protect investments, capital and your land from potential risks.

 Land Development Services in Houston

Land Professionals in Houston

Trusted Land Services in Houston from New Era

As industry leaders in the nation’s 4th largest city, New Era has all the tools, resources, technology and the network of connections that you need to ensure that your project sees the light of day both on paper and in practice. As a trusted company for pre-development land services in Houston, we look beyond what the eye can see and conduct rigorous and reliable land development feasibility study services and guide you through all the necessary pre-development processes with unwavering honesty, integrity and ethics.

At New Era land services in Houston, we have over 30 years of experience providing high-caliber land pre-development services in Houston. Our robust team of the brightest lawyers, land development consultants and Houston land attorneys work seamlessly for you—both behind the scenes and even in the spotlight of the courtroom! We help you to step by step with understanding Houston land rules and regulations, preparing you for the road ahead by sharing our expertise with transparency and with a talent for future-oriented planning.

New Era Houston Land Professionals Can Help you

Part of what makes pre-development land services in Houston a little tricky is that there are no zoning laws which can be a little confusing to outsiders. Fortunately, New Era land professionals in Houston help to clarify any mystery and confusion, supporting land owners, small to large businesses, investors and enterprise level companies succeed! Our expert land development professionals in Houston and surrounding areas help throughout the process, guiding you along the way to help you go from a greenfield site to a completed project.

Counties We Serve

Harris | Liberty | Chambers | Galveston | Brazoria | Waller | Montgomery | Fort Bend

Land pre-development services in Houston for everyone!

Types of Land Services in Houston

We help everyone evolve their ideal project from the pre-development process stage to the exciting construction phase! We work with local property owners, businesses, enterprise and even global enterprise companies in need of pre-development land services in Houston. Think of New Era as your friendly neighborhood land man ready to help you build your vision from the ground up! At New Era we specialize in creating and delivering the ideal custom, turnkey solutions for a variety of stages of pre-development land services in Houston. We meet our clients wherever they are at with their project: from the early stages of feasibility studies and research, to obtaining legal land documents, our Houston land professionals help fast-track your project to success! Take a look at some of the pre-development land services in Houston and surrounding areas that we offer to keep our city beautiful!

Land Development Regulatory

Land & Construction Legal Documents

Public Hearings, Variances & Special Exceptions

Our Process


To identify the ideal pre-development land services in Houston and surrounding areas, we start by seeking to understand our clients needs, inspiration, goals and ask about the desired parcel of land to assess what is needed to begin working with each client.

Project Feasibility Assessment

In the early stage assessment of a project, we determine if the project can be practically and successfully delivered. Our Houston land professionals & team provide a quick initial low cost & low-risk assessment of each project.

Feasibility Review

After conducting a property development feasibility study, our Houston land development team discuss considerations about the land and your vision, to help you determine if it’s a sound and logical idea to develop land at the desired location.

Land Services Planning

To ensure that our clients get the best pre-development land services in Houston, we help clients make decisions that lead to the best use of their physical landscape by preparing plans that are realistic, cost-effective, balanced and technically sound.

Next Steps

After helping our clients select the land pre-development services in Houston and surrounding areas that are best suited for the project budget, our expert team of land developers, designers and land professionals help keep you on track to take your project to the finish line!


What Are The Benefits of Working with New Era for Land Development?

New Era has over 30 years of experience providing top tier pre-development land services in Houston and surrounding areas so our dedicated team of world class land developers, designers and lawyers know the ins and outs of all the required services, forms, permits and processes to help get your special project to the finish line!

  • Document Accuracy
  • Saving Time
  • Saving Money
  • Protect Investments
  • Bypassing legal complexities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Accurate Budget Forecasting
  • Safety Assessment
  • Legal Document Support

We take your project to the finish line

The best lawyers, land developers, consultants, commercial property advisors and land professionals in Houston, all at your fingertips in one central location. Call and watch the possibilities unfold.


We Help Take Construction Projects to the Finish Line!

We specialize in turn-key pre-development construction services, offering customers project feasibility analysis services, land planning & design, platting, replatting, legal counsel for real estate investments and land development as well as other developmental services to get your project to the finish line with our Houston land professionals at your side!

New Era Development & Land Services in Houston is dedicated to simplifying the land pre-development process so that you can build safely, efficiently, and with ease. With over 30 years of industry expertise and resources to help your land development vision blossom from a dream to reality. Trust your project with us, we can bring your vision to reliaty with our land development expertise.

Experienced Team of Local Team Members

30 Years of Successful Project Delivery

Proven Technology, Proven Results

Turnkey Land Solutions Scaled to Fit Your Needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best land services in Houston?

In the heart of Houston’s central business district, New Era has over 30 years of expertise in land development & services and we are the best in town as our team dedicates itself exclusively to Houston and surrounding areas, keeping up to date with all the local codes, ordinances, and legal requirements.

Where to find commercial property advisors in Houston?

At New Era we have a dedicated team of professionals and access to the best civil design consultants, land attorneys, land developers, designers and project team leads who pool their collective knowledge and expertise to be your best property advisors in all of Houston!

What kind of land services do I need for a property in Houston?

The answer will vary based on the type of project and land use laws, ordinances and regulations that affect the desired parcel of land but could include and not be limited to any of the following: pre-development research & analysis, surveys, land entitlement services, platting, replatting, conceptual design and more.

Start Your Project

Tell us about your vision for the land development transformation and we help you determine the best course of action, to help your vision spring to life.


New Era Knows Houston is the Place to Be for Land Investments

Frequently ranked in the top percentile for GDP per capita, Houston presents a valuable opportunity for prospective owners and investors for residential, commercial and even global enterprise companies wishing to expand quickly. This translates into an opportunity to turn land development projects into a shimmering gold mine, making various land services an absolute necessity to ensure the successful execution of any land planning activity and with the best land attorneys in Houston, New Era is ready to propel you project to the finish line!
The diversity and extensive opportunities for Houston land development have created a thriving market with a booming economy, making it an excellent place for land investment opportunities. Along with this golden ticket to success comes a forest full of mysterious land development challenges, resulting in a need for elite pre-development land services. New Era land services in Houston is here to help you bypass the legal complexities with turnkey solutions, from Houston land surveys to construction phase support—helping to maximize your results and ROI.
New Era land attorney services helps demystify the pre-development process and land planning for all land development project with our expert land developers and land attorneys in Houston. We help our clients move forward confidently by providing legal support—from understanding land development codes to obtaining legal land documents and more. We have the best land development attorneys in this Lone Star city to help you go from needing land pre-development services to hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and launching your new site!