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Want to get started on your dream home, a business park or something more, New Era provides land replatting services to help you develop your land in a way that suits your personal or commercial needs. Houston’s best land planners are ready to make it happens while keeping you in alignment with the all land development rules and regulations.

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Land Replatting Services

Re-Platting is an extremely important step in a development process because they can have significant requirements, coordination, fees, and timelines that can have an adverse effect on the development process if it is not managed efficiently. New Era’s employs a team of re-platting experts that specialize in the processing of subdivision re-plat applications, re-zoning applications, special exceptions, variances, and public hearings in Southeast Texas and across the state. From commercial, industrial and residential re-plats, at New Era we provide all the land replatting services needed to help our clients succeed with their land development projects.

Re-platting land in Houston involves the process of amending an existing plat to create new lot configurations or make adjustments to the boundaries of existing lots. A re-plat can also change the use of the property (i.e. from single-family to multi-family). The re-platting process is subject to local regulations and is typically overseen by the City of Houston Planning and Development Department. Below you will find a general overview of the re-platting process in Houston. Talk to our land replatting services experts for more information, we will provide you with the right solutions and answers that satisfy your project specific needs.

Land Replatting Services

Types of Land Replatting Services

Class II Re-Plat

Class II Re-Plat is a subdivision re-plat that: 1. Does not require or propose the creation of any new street; 2. Does not require or propose the dedication of any easement for public water, wastewater collection or storm sewer lines; and 3. Can be a re-replat but does not require notification of adjacent property owners for re-platting purposes. There is a one-time submittal process. A variance or a special exception may be sought with a Class II re-plat. All variance or special exception applications within the city limits of Houston require notification of adjacent property owners.

Class III Re-Plat

Class III Re-Plat is required for subdivisions that require or propose the creation of any new street or the dedication of any easement for public water, wastewater collection or storm sewer lines. A class III re-plat is also required for a vacating plat. A Class III re- plat requires two submittals: a preliminary and a final. A variance or a special exception may be sought with a Class III preliminary re-plat and all variance or special exception applications within the city limits require notification of adjacent property owners. Objections from adjacent property owners should be raised during the preliminary platting process. A preliminary re-plat application can be filed on land that is being considered for purchase. In many cases, final purchase may depend on the outcome of the re-plat submittal.
a. Requiring A Public Hearing
b. Variance Application

Re-Platting Submission Process

After all the right documents & forms are gathered and completed, and we have taken into account all the necessary elements, the property re-plat is ready for submission! The government protocols are followed and the regular sequence of events for land replatting services takes place. Take a look below to see a brief recap of what the re-platting process is like.

1 no - Reliable Land Replatting Services

Plat Preparation

Combining survey information with dedicatory and jurisdictional requirements. (Legal information, ownership information, deeds, lien holders, title reports).
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Plat Submittal

Plat submitted to the Planning and Development Department.
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Plat Review

Planning staff along with related agencies review the submitted plat for errors and code violations.
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Plat Recording

Staff makes recommendations for Planning Commission approval, and the plat is set for recording.

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New Era is the number one choice in Houston for platting and replatting services! We help individuals and businesses get past the blockages that keep most projects from surviving the pre-development phases with a proven track record of results and success.

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Land Re-Plattting Application FAQ’s

What is replatting?

Replatting is the process of amending an existing plat (a map of a land subdivision) to create new lot configurations or adjust the boundaries of existing lots.

Why would I need to replat my land?

Property owners may seek to replat their land to accommodate changes in land use, adjust lot sizes, or correct errors in the existing plat.

How do I start the replatting process?

The process typically begins with a consultation with the local planning and development department. Subsequently, an application is submitted, including a survey of the property and proposed replat map.

What documents are required for a replat application?

Commonly required documents include a survey of the property, a proposed replat map, legal descriptions, and any other documentation specified by local regulations.

What is the role of the local planning department in the replatting process?

The local planning department reviews the replat application to ensure compliance with zoning regulations, infrastructure requirements, and other applicable rules.

Are public notifications or hearings required for replatting?

Depending on the nature of the replat, public notifications or hearings may be required to inform adjacent property owners or the community about the proposed changes.

How long does the replatting process take?

The timeline can vary, but the process typically involves several weeks to months, depending on factors such as the complexity of the replat and local government procedures.

What is the difference between replatting and subdividing land?

Replatting involves making changes to an existing subdivision, while subdividing is the initial process of dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller lots.

Do I need to install new infrastructure as part of the replatting process?

The city may require the installation of infrastructure, such as streets and utilities, depending on the nature of the replat. A performance bond may be necessary to ensure completion.

Can I appeal a decision made during the replatting process?

In some cases, there may be an appeal process available.

What is a plat vs a replat?

A plat is an original map of land showing lot boundaries, while a replat refers to the modification or creation of a new plat to reflect changes in the land’s division or configuration. A replat involves modifying the existing plat map or creating a new plat map to reflect changes in lot sizes, boundaries, or property configurations.

What is platting vs replatting?

Platting is the initial process of dividing a large tract of land into smaller lots or parcels. It involves creating a plat, which is a detailed map or survey that shows the boundaries, dimensions, and other important information of each individual lot. Replatting, on the other hand, refers to the modification or alteration of an existing plat.

When is replatting recommended or necessary?

It occurs when changes need to be made to the original plat, such as adjusting lot boundaries, creating new lots, merging existing lots, or changing lot configurations. Replatting is usually required when there is a need to correct errors in the original plat, accommodate changes in property boundaries, or update subdivision regulations.


Trusted Land Replatting Services in Houston

New Era’s land replatting services help transform the often tricky and stressful tasks that are involved in the platting and replatting process in Houston or surrounding areas. We help you see past the fog of mysterious land development processes, protocols and laws with more than 3 decades of expertise in the field with a proven track record of success. To provide the best land replatting services for our diverse clientele, New Era reliable land replatting services experts support clients with customized solutions, unique needs of their land development and replatting projects.
Our land replatting services experts commitment to keeping Houston and surrounding areas beautiful, sustainable and ethical is a testament to our ability to balance our core values of customer focus, honesty, integrity, and obtaining ethical results. New Era land replatting services team will help you beautify the landscape with ethical replat land designs that honors land laws and regulations, which ultimately will help in increasing your ROI. Just talk to our exerts and get the best land replatting services in Houston, Texas from New Era today!