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New Era provides land use and due diligence services to help you properly assess your land development project and the difficulties you might face. Our land use PROFESSIONALS and due diligence specialists excel at helping you with the intricacies involved in any Houston land development projects where there are no zoning laws.

Zoning Research and Land Use Attorney Services

Land Use and Due Diligence Company

New Era’s Land Use and Due Diligence Services

New Era specializes in serving Houston, the 4th largest city in America, and surrounding areas which means we know the Houston area like the back of our hand and will steer you in the right direction to help get your project to the finish line. Trust our team with your project will provide you with the best land use and due diligence services in Houston and the surrounding areas!

With over 30 years of experience specializing in Houston land use and due diligence services, we bring the knowledge and expertise required to successfully navigate all types of land development projects. Our land use and due diligence specialists will work with your team to develop an effective strategy that includes city staff engagement, constructing an airtight justification narrative for approval.

What is Land Use & Due Diligence Services ?

New Era provides specialized advice and assistance related to the utilization and development your property. We work with businesses, government entities, and communities to navigate the complex regulatory landscape associated with the approval of your project.

Land Use Services

Here are key aspects of our land use and due diligence services :

1 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Planning & Development and Regulations

  • Land use consultants assist clients in understanding and complying with local zoning regulations and land use ordinances.
2 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Permitting and Approvals

  • They guide clients through the process of obtaining necessary permits and approvals for various land development projects, coordinating with local authorities.
3 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Feasibility Studies

  • Conducting feasibility studies to assess the viability of a proposed project, considering factors such as economic, environmental, and regulatory aspects.
4 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Addressing environmental considerations, including conducting environmental impact assessments and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
5 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Community Engagement

  • Facilitating communication and engagement between developers and the local community to address concerns, gather input, and foster positive relationships.
6 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Site Analysis

  • Evaluating potential development sites, considering factors such as topography, infrastructure, and accessibility.
7 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Site Plan Review

  • Site Plan plans are required for all buildings constructed in the city limits. Site plans are also required if a building is remodeled and the remodeling changes the footprint of the structure. The site plan must include parking, landscaping, building lines, and setbacks. The site plan will show how the structure(s) sits on the lot and how the public accesses the property (i.e. driveway connections). The site plan is reviewed when the owner/builder applies for a building permit.
8 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Comprehensive Planning

  • Contributing to the development of comprehensive land use plans that align with long-term community goals and regional planning strategies.
9 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Land Development Strategies

  • Collaborating with clients to devise effective strategies for land development, taking into account the intended use (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).
10 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Government Relations

  • Engaging with local government officials and agencies to advocate for clients’ development proposals and navigate regulatory processes.
11 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Code Compliance

  • Ensuring that proposed projects comply with building codes, zoning laws, and other relevant regulations.
4 no - Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services

Economic Development

  • Advising on land use strategies that promote economic development and contribute to the overall growth of an area.

Counties We Serve

Harris | Liberty | Chambers | Galveston | Brazoria | Waller | Montgomery | Fort Bend

Types of Land Use for Land Development

  • Commercial Land Use
  • Residential Land Use
  • Mixed Land Use
  • Urban Land Use

We take your project to the finish line

New Era is one of the top companies in Houston that provides land use and due diligence services to help you take the right land development decisions. We cover an abundance of land use aspects and conduct the right due diligence for any land development project we manage, ensuring that your project is feasible helping you take another step closer to the finish line.

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Land Use Development FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to land use development:

What is land use development?

Land use development involves the planning, zoning, and utilization of land for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational activities.

Why is land use development important?

Effective land use development ensures orderly growth, promotes community well-being, and balances economic, environmental, and social considerations. It helps guide the use of land in a way that aligns with community goals.

How is land use development regulated?

Land use development is regulated through zoning ordinances, land development codes, and comprehensive plans created by local governments. These documents set forth guidelines and regulations for how land can be used and developed.

What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan, also known as a master plan or general plan, is a long-term document that outlines a community’s vision for future development. It includes policies on land use, transportation, housing, and other key elements.

Can I change the land use of a property?

Use changes are typically subject to a formal process that involves public hearings, reviews by planning commissions, and approval by local governing bodies. The specific process varies by jurisdiction.

What is a variance in land use development?

A variance is a special permission to deviate from the requirements of a zoning ordinance. It is usually granted when strict application of the ordinance would cause undue hardship.

How does land use development impact transportation planning?

Land use development and transportation planning are closely linked. Proper land use planning can reduce the need for extensive travel, promote walkability, and influence the demand for various transportation modes.

What is mixed-use development?

Mixed-use development integrates different types of land uses, such as residential, commercial, and recreational, within a single project or neighborhood. The goal is to create a more balanced and walkable community.

How does environmental sustainability factor into land use development?

Sustainable land use development considers environmental impacts, aiming to minimize resource consumption, preserve natural habitats, and promote eco-friendly practices in construction and infrastructure.

What is the role of public input in land use development?

Public input is essential in the land use development process. Local communities often have opportunities to provide feedback during public hearings, community workshops, and planning meetings.

What is transit-oriented development (TOD)?

Transit-oriented development is a land use planning strategy that focuses on creating mixed-use, walkable communities around public transportation hubs to reduce reliance on cars and promote sustainable urban development.

Why should I consult a land use planning company prior to buying land?

Land use planners evaluate properties to find out if the parcel of land is a good match for the land use development project that you have in mind, avoiding conflicts with city land use and also preventing the loss of monetary investments which happens when people build without acquiring competent legal services and are then prompted to tear down unsafe structures.

Does Houston have zoning laws?

Surprisingly, the City of Houston does not have zoning laws which generates a lot of excitement and opportunities for prospective investors and land owners. Despite a lack of zoning laws, it is important to note that land development is still subject to safety standards with ordinance codes.

If Houston doesn’t have zoning laws, do I still need to get a lawyer?

Houston is the only major city in America without zoning laws, making it a unique case but it is still just as important to equip yourself with the right legal support system from a company that is very well-versed in land development specifically in Houston. There are other resources and guidelines that lawyers need to turn to in order to nourish a land development project in Houston.

Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Company IN HOUSTON

Trusted Land Use and Due Diligence Services in Houston

We help our clients grow their projects from a little seed to planting beautiful architectural masterpieces on the perfect land parcel, well suited to their unique land development needs. New Era land use and due diligence services services help take the mystery out of Houston codes, regulations and laws for a variety of land use and land development projects, helping you successfully navigate through the maze of legal complexities with confidence. New Era land use and due diligence services are here to help you make the right decisions for your project success.
New Era land use and due diligence services team will work with you to help you determine the feasibility of your project and the best approach to take pursuing your land development project success. Our land use attorneys and due diligence specialists will make sure you take informed investment and development decisions. Let’s us be your second set of eyes to review and adjust your land development plans to ensure maximum project success! Get the best land use and due diligence services from New Era today!