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New Era is a land planning company nestled in the heart of Houston’s vibrant central business district, just a short drive from Discovery Green and Minute Maid Park. We provide over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in land pre-development, platting, replatting and real estate land planning services.

New Era Development and Land Services

Land Development Regulatory Approvals and Permits

Land Development Regulatory Approvals and Permits

With decades of experience serving the 4th largest city in America, New Era land attorneys and pre-development land services team has the skill, talent and technical savvy to help you understand development land rules and regulations, and navigate past the complexities involved in obtaining land development regulatory approvals and permits.

Project Feasibility for Land Development

Project Feasibility for Land Development

Whether you are native to Texas or looking to expand your horizons into the Lone Star State, our vast array of land planning services are readily available to meet all your legal real estate consulting needs. New Era offers extensive knowledge and expertise in land planning and pre-development services to ensure that your project is feasible and blossom into reality.

Land and Construction Legal Documents

Land Deeds and Construction Legal Documents

New Era is the perfect all-in-one solution for Houston land development projects. We are well versed in all legal and practical aspects of land pre-development, land use and land development projects: from platting, replatting, land development feasibility, land surveying to obtaining land and construction legal documents and more.

Public Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions

Public Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions

New Era land planning proffesional and attorneys excels not only in the behind-the-scenes pre-development process for Houston land development and construction projects. Our land development team also shine in the courtroom, supporting you from early pre-development processes to public hearings, variances and special exceptions.

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New Era Development & Land Services is dedicated to simplifying the pre-development process so that you can build safely, efficiently, and with ease all throughout Houston and surrounding areas. Take a look at our broad and area map to see where we provide our five-star pre-development land services & land planning services. Didn’t find the area you were interested in? Feel free to give us a call to see how we can support your land development journey.

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New Era has served Houston, the 4th largest city in America, and surrounding counties for over 30 years and we bring our rich experience to the table—and even the court room— supporting land owners, residential & commercial companies and even global industry leaders in preparing their land development projects for success.

Reliable Development and Land Services IN HOUSTON

Trusted Development and Land Services Company in Houston

Frequently ranked in the top percentile for GDP per capita, Houston presents a valuable opportunity for prospective owners and investors for residential, commercial and even global industries for companies seeking to expand their reach and grow quickly. This translates into a promising opportunity to turn land development projects into a successful gold mine, making pre-development land services and land planning services an absolute necessity and top priority to ensure the successful execution of any land planning activity.
The diversity and extensive opportunities for Houston land development have created a thriving market with a booming economy, making it an excellent place for real estate investment opportunities. Along with this golden opportunity comes a forest full of mysterious land development challenges, resulting in a need for elite land attorneys. New Era is here to help you navigate through the legal complexities of land pre-development processes, land entitlements, and development strategy—taking your project to the finish line.

We help our clients move forward with confidence by providing legal counsel for property development: from understanding land development codes to obtaining land legal documents. New Era land attorneys helps demystify Houston land development processes and land planning for all land development projects. Our Texas land development expertise is trusted throughout Houston! We have the best land development and planning proffesionals in Texas to help you with all your pre-development and land services needs.