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Public Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions services

Land Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions Company

Public Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions Services from New Era

In Houston, as in many other jurisdictions, a public hearing may be required as part of the platting and re-platting process. A public hearing provides an opportunity for members of the community, neighboring property owners, and other stakeholders to express their opinions, concerns, or support for a proposed plat or re-plat before it is approved. Public hearings are typically conducted by the City of Houston Planning Commission or a similar municipal authority.

Land Hearing, Variances and Exceptions

Types Of Public Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions Services

A Class III plat/replat is required for subdivisions that require or propose the creation of any new street or the dedication of any easement for public water, wastewater collection or storm sewer lines. A class III plat/re-plat is also required for a vacating plat/re-plat. A Class III plat/re-plat requires two submittals: a preliminary and a final. A variance or a special exception may be sought with a Class III preliminary plat/ replat and all variance or special exception applications within the city limits require notification of adjacent property owners. Objections from adjacent property owners should be raised during the preliminary platting process. A preliminary plat application can be filed on land that is being considered for purchase. In many cases, final purchase may depend on the outcome of the plat submittal.


A public hearing for a plat/re-plat is required if single-family restrictions existed within the original plat boundary.

Public hearings are held before Planning Commission during the meeting. Residents within 300 feet of the property replat and within the original subdivision boundary will be mailed letters of notification and a sign will be posted announcing the public hearing date. If there are no variances requested, Planning Commission must approve the replat if it meets all the rules according to Chapter 42 and does not violate state law. If the replat violates deed restrictions, the Planning Commission must disapprove the plat/re-plat.


Variances Planning Commission does have discretionary authority if a plat/re-plat requires a variance or special exception.

Residents in the city limits that are within 300 feet of the proposed development will be notified of certain variances and have a chance to offer input on how the variance will affect their neighborhood or property. A variance is a deviation from the strict compliance of the rules and regulations of Chapter 42. The applicant must document a reasonable hardship for the variance. This usually means that applying the rules of Chapter 42 would make the land difficult to develop without the variance or that the rules applied to the project are contrary to sound public policy.

Public Hearings, Variances and Special Exceptions Submission Process

After all the right documents & forms are gathered and completed, and we have taken into account all the necessary elements, the property plat/re-plat is ready for submission! The government protocols are followed and the regular sequence of events for land re-platting services takes place. Take a look below to see a brief recap of what process looks like:


The applicant is usually required to provide public notice of the upcoming public hearing. This may include mailing notices to nearby property owners, posting notices on the property, and publishing notices in local newspapers.

Agenda and Documentation

The plat application, along with supporting documents and plans, is included in the agenda for the public hearing. This allows attendees to review the details of the proposed plat in advance.

Public Comment Period

The public hearing begins with a comment period during which individuals from the community, neighboring property owners, or any other interested parties can express their views on the proposed plat.

Presentation by the Applicant

The applicant or their representative may be given an opportunity to present the details of the plat, explaining its purpose, compliance with regulations, and addressing any concerns raised during the public comment period.

Questions and Clarifications

Members of the public, as well as the planning commission, may ask questions or seek clarifications from the applicant regarding the plat.

City Staff Report

City planning staff often present a report summarizing their analysis of the plat application, including whether it complies with zoning regulations and other applicable requirements.


After considering public input, reviewing the application, and any additional information presented, the planning commission will make a decision regarding the approval, modification, or denial of the plat.

Conditions of Approval

If approved, the planning commission may attach conditions that the applicant must fulfill before the plat is officially recorded.

Appeal Process

In some cases, there may be an appeal process available for those who disagree with the decision made during the public hearing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a land attorney do?

A land attorney provides legal counsel for real estate land development, providing advice for matters such as zoning, environmental issues, navigating past municipalities, planning commissions and city councils to get projects approved by being a resource regarding zoning laws, construction permits, building ordinances, and more.

Why should I hire a land attorney?

A land use attorney will help navigate their clients through the court system, protecting their best interests and even construction and real estate companies hire them! They have the expertise to review plans ensuring that construction of a building complies with local zoning regulations and applicable laws.

What are land use laws?

Land use laws typically take the form of zoning regulations that are adopted by local governments, addressing how land within municipal or county borders can be developed and used in order to enhance the overall quality of life of a community, preserving the environment by strategically planning the location of categories of land to avoid conflict & health issues.

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